Wednesday, January 28, 2015

imagine dragons

dragons are real
i know
they inhabit
my mind and as we all know
perception is all

there is no difference
waking and dreaming
pinch me doesn’t work

ants crawling

tiny feet scratching
hair follicles

cardboard box
edges held tight
in fists
as the wind whips
past ears

so free

and boom

the ground like granite
keeps it real

~ click any image to make biggerer ~

Week 4 - animal


  1. ha. cool shoes...
    cool band...
    and i would totally love to be around when dragons are truly real...
    though i am sure quite frightful too...

  2. I believe that somewhere there is a plane where creatures such as dragons and unicorns are real. I hope to get to that plane someday!
    My favorite song by Imagine Dragons is the gloomy, apocalyptic one. I believe its called Radioactive, but I'm not completely sure.

  3. That's an almost frog-like dragon. And I love the band by that name.


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