Saturday, June 21, 2014

rivers of green

sunlight strikes the water
the sky turns green
and i a reminded to color
inside the lines

trees can not be purple
like the color of your
cheeks when i do the

walking on eggshells
crushing my imagination
under you boot heels
of sync step

it's impossible to make
the impossible possible
or passable, probable

not all things in
nature are symmetrical
neat or orderly
dirt has its pleasures

lines are meant for
crossing into other
worlds of daring

there's no fitting
into the middle


  1. even in their chaos there is a semblence of order....but i def like the unpredictable...ha, and middle ground doesnt last long....

  2. Poor kids, taught to color within the lines. Life is a lot more exciting outside of them.

    Now fences (not barb wire) are made for sitting. There you can be in the middle.

  3. Life is weird and unpredictable -it's best to embrace that.

  4. I have found that life is generally not symmetrical or predictable. Chaos will have its way!


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