Friday, February 14, 2014

Flash 55 - 5 Thoughts

Dear Diary (c) Vanessa V. Kilmer 20140214
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Interesting that we commercialize a day of LOVE on a day whose HISTORY is full of DEATH.


Yes, I’m finally sick of snow!

My list of “Mortal Enemies” remained empty my whole life until 2013.

2014 adds up to 7 which we all know is a very, very lucky number.


  1. Vanessa Kilmer, Vanessa Kilmer...?
    Ahhh yes, wonderfully creative Lass!
    She is prone to episodes of disappearing though.
    I'll have to keep a closer look at her....
    Loved your Random Thought 55
    Thanks for playing, thanks for returning before I had to come looking for you!
    You Know Damn well You Rock My World!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. Missed you! xoxoxox

      My only item on my New Year's Resolution List is not to flake out in 2014.

  2. oh geexz.....i guess as long as i am not the list of 7 you know....
    everything changes so fast eh?

    i dunno, enjoying sledding today...smiles.

    1. You could never be on an enemies list but you could be on the "7 Wonders" list.

  3. Do you know why I love this, because it gives me hard evidence that you are over the snow. It'll be easier for me when it is time for you to move here!!! Just think how many more winters you'll have until then, you'll be clawing to get out of Jersey!!

  4. Hey, what are you doing reading my diary, Snoogs? You can't hold me to anything. Everyone lies in their journals. :)

  5. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I've lost the one thing that made VD-day tolerable to me: chocolate!
    I am glad to see your return though.
    The Even Less Sweet Cheesemeister.

  6. Hee hee - Happy V-day. Here's to checking stuff off your list. ;-)

  7. … yes, not enjoyed by everyone - the men in the grocery store line with flowers all looked like they were "getting it over with".


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