Monday, June 17, 2013

Poetry Share - Cliche


you can run, but you can’t hide. It’s
only a matter of time. he wouldn’t
hurt a fly. he said you were
the love of his life, his
one and only, and
you believe in

you only hurt the one you love

barbed daggers
shoved into hearts
twisted and
turned pain and sorrow
passion fear loss
love is blinded
words flung
sticks and stones
cry out we care
scared to death
lashing out
drawing blood
sweat tears
me worse
than you


  1. Love your cliche poem! I submitted one as well. This was the first time I played along with a prompt and it was fun :)

  2. Oh wow the drama, the pain, the intensity amazing truly it doesn't sound cliche (despite the cliches used) it sounds very raw and very real. Amazing =)

    1. I read somewhere once that its good to take a cliche and make it your own when writing because people sense a familiarity with your words.

  3. ugh nothing hurts like being hurt by the one that you slices deep...esp when you believed....

  4. Thanks for giving us this beautiful poem, beautiful photo!

  5. very good and raw..have been there and felt that pain.It seemed very real to me.

  6. You threw in lots of cliches and they worked so well together! Nice work!

  7. Love is bliss
    but without a kiss
    its the one you miss

    Very sad . . .

  8. Nice, and you don't spare yourself - that's what really makes it.


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