Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daily Prompts # 162

Journal Question

What one thing do you like best about yourself?

Visual Prompt



  1. Blimey, that is hard to answer. Resolve.

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  3. Whoops, let's try that again with the fingers on the right keys this time.
    When you've a self-esteem like mine, dahling, you're lucky to find anything to like about yourself at all. However, I find you very likeable.
    Personally, I'd rather write about the flower. But perhaps I'll round up the Cheesemeister and have her draw a picture. She's been very lazy with her photoshopping lately.
    I guess the thing I like best about myself is my imagination

    1. I thank-you for your compliment. I like you, too and you've definitely got a great imagination and I really like that.


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