Friday, April 22, 2011

Flash 55 - egg-stremely egg-citing

The shell cracked in two places as the pressure increased from the inside out. I couldn’t tell what might emerge although I expected a chicken. I may have mentioned once or twice before that things rarely worked the way I intend. I think I need to give up planning and go back to winging it.

Write a story in exactly 55 words.

What day do chickens hate the most?


What do chicken families do on Saturday afternoon?

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. Now I'm imagining all an entirely new race of creature!

    I loved your 55, Nessa!

  2. winging it...snort....smiles. eh we can get lost in out own expectations sometimes...

  3. Vanessa Kilmer...
    God it's GREAT to have you back!!!
    Always Top Notch Entertainement!
    You showed LOTSS of pluck with this one!
    Loved your 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Easter....Galen

  4. he-he - things indeed can get egg-stremely egg-citing sometimes.. fun 55

  5. Life in an eggshell...very good.

  6. Everyone is ignoring the question!

    They go on pecknics, of course!

  7. That was awesome, Nessa! Well, things never worked the want I wanted, all the time too.

    Have a happy Easter!

  8. Fun 55 followed by groaners. Nice.

  9. Yep wining it got me! and the Fry-day Oh my gosh Paleeze! glad to see you posting again!

  10. I like both the joke and the story, in different ways.

  11. What ever is inside, I hope it makes you happy!

  12. Fun 55! Sometimes things turn out just like I expect...did that happen and surprise you?


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