Friday, March 25, 2011

Flash 55 - The Monster

A ravaging beast full of sharp claws and pointed teeth ripped through my straining muscles to gnaw on my bones, sucking marrow between black swollen lips while injecting venom into my blood stream to works its way into my brain overwhelming me with aching pain, misery and sadness. I’ve had a rough week at work.

Write a story in exactly 55 words.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. Fantastically described, Nessa! I hope you'll have a better next week.

  2. Now that is more than rough.
    Nice one.

  3. Is that a description of your boss? Yikes.

    - Alice

  4. I had a similar week at work....thanks for putting it into words for me.

  5. bless you next week..

    after this 55, you will be refreshed and ..

    Happy Weekend.

  6. Vanessa Kilmer!!!!
    Take a deep breath.
    Pour a shot (NOT Southern Comfort)
    Close your eyes
    Serenity Now...
    Isn't that better?

    That'l be 25 Bucks please..(hehehe)

    Loved your Bad Week 55.
    But I'm Very Happy to see you!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. Oh, that is *GRIM*. It sounds like you need a full day at a high-end spa, complete with massage, mani-pedi treatments and cranio-sacral therapy.

    And a three week vacation.

  8. I've had too many jobs like that. Those frakkers still haunt me.

    Good piece, my friend. Hope it improves, one way or another.

  9. Whoa! Rough is an understatement. Loved this highly descriptive, ripped to shreds feeling 55.

  10. Oh my goodness, what a true beast. Sorry to hear that you had a rough week, hope the weekend will make up for it.;)

  11. Sounds as though you and my youngest daughter had similar experiences at work this week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that March 28-April 1 is much better.

  12. ugh. good thing the weekend is here..hope yours is a great one...

  13. I thought this was an excellent description of the virus that took me down!

  14. I hate snakes too. Hate `em!

  15. I loved it, Nessa! (this is the first blog post I have ever 'rated'--gave it a fiver)
    Sorry it is at 'your' expense. But then I think you are like me, not everything you write is about you.
    Remember, your poet lives his own life! Mine does.
    Now, the first thing I thought of was of those in-dwelling beetles that Dan Simmons wrote of in his book, Drood. I am really glad that I 'read' that book. Too bad it had to end. Or at least like it did end.

  16. Yikes! Hope you are feeling better now.

  17. Hello Nessa,
    I am sorry that the week has not been good. I am glad to see that you are actively keeping up with your blog. Take care.


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