Thursday, November 04, 2010

Words Need a Home, Too

Another way to procrastinate.

Adopt-a-word at Save The Words.

Here's the word I adopted:

~ click image to make biggerer ~

The beaver lived in an ulvose pond, happy with his life.

Yesterday's word count: 1,846

For a total so far of:


  1. What a great word, never heard of it.;) For some reason it brings wolves to mind.;))

  2. Awesome word nano count!

    I love the idea of adopting a word. I'm off to look in my dictionary.

  3. Forgot to remind you that my Top Ten Films They Should Have Made blogfest is next Tuesday!

  4. Lovely word to adopt. Good luck on your NaNoWriMo.

  5. I LOVE "Save The Words"... I thought they went defunct some time ago because I could no longer find them. Thanks for revealing them to me once again!! I love your usage :)

  6. Yeah, beavers like the ulvose. My spell checker, however, does not.


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