Saturday, November 06, 2010

Time Wasters and Excuses Not to Write

As if I need any help to procrastinate:

Go to Google and type 'who's the cutest' then hit 'I'm feeling Lucky' button.

Go to google maps and type in Japan under A, China under B, 
then hit Get Directions and look at # 43.

Go to type in site:yourblogname hit enter and see what you get.

Use Google search to do math - type in:

40 times 5 plus 9 divided by 3 minus one


square root of 49


120 pounds in stone

or read 

Play Weekend Funnies and help spread the laughter.


  1. haha. love these...yeah wasting time is a skill...

  2. Hey, I'm afraid to even look at them! I already have a problem with Time Management!! Thanks for the fun post, though! Hugs to you!

  3. sometimes wasting time give us the illusion we have a lot of it...
    tried this with google images with my blog name...

  4. Hey Nessa, WRITE FASTER!
    That is what my old NASA boss used to tell us when we were doing a post-mission report.
    Do you think we thought he was very clever or very stupid? First guess might not count.

    Just now I Googled "'who's the cutest'" nessa and you were top of the list. Like a magic mirror on the wall.

    I have an Ask Dr. Jim (blog)
    post about digging through the earth to China. It catches about 2-3% of my viewers.
    It also has a link to a digging spot calculator.
    Oh yes, I am supposed to be preparing my Sunday school lesson to teach for tomorrow instead of blogging. Oh well.

  5. :)
    Interesting blog u have!

    Enjoyed my time here. :)

    Best wishes for NaNoWriMo. :)

  6. Jannie Funster oriented me here. Love the inspirational reflections and invitation to laugh. Giggle all the way back to the joyful being you truly are. Every smile is a gentle reminder of how going with the flow enables you to feel good, regardless of external conditions.

  7. Google is evil. I've bounced over to it half a dozen times in the last two days to research for my WIP. Must have taken me an hour to track down the menu for the restaurant in which my characters had a meeting. Way too easy to get distracted.

  8. I've done the directions on, but not the others. I'm off to check them out. I don't have any money to waste so I may as well waste some time.

  9. I'll ask Google who is the most beautiful woman in the country (except me of course, lol )

  10. I have enough to do without adding those things to my list!!

  11. Nessa, personally I don't consider it a waste of time because I always find the answers I googled. I like to think of it as broadening my brain's capacity. LOL!

  12. I will give it a try!

    After shopping at Penney's all night with the kiddo, a little Google "I Feel Lucky" is up my alley!

  13. bahahadihaha - too many to choose from!!!
    love the Google map blog name check :)

  14. Didn't get a chance to say it over the weekend, but I love your list! So much fun :)
    Sounds like the procrastinating was going quite well :P

  15. I have three speeches to write (all by today because the next few days look impossible) so I really, really need this advice as it sounds a lot more edifying than my own method of time-wasting (endless rounds of Solitaire and Purble).

    Thanks Nessa!


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