Thursday, September 02, 2010

Thursday 13 – When Thor and Freyja Meet…

…you get a collision of meme’s.

~ click the images to make biggerer ~

flash 55
G-Man aka Mr. KnowItAll,
wants to know if you are ready for tomorrow.


  1. You are so creative. That must have taken you forever to collect! Very nice!

  2. Very clever. G-Man is going to be so happy!

  3. haha. think you might have made g's day!

  4. 715.

    i wonder how many people realise that some days in anglosaxon languages are named after norse gods (as opposed to roman gods in latin languages)

  5. Tied up in a neat little bow! Great 13 and 55. I love all those images you captured. What amazing fun.

  6. That was a particularly clever title, I thought. Took me a moment. Great photos, too.

  7. Oh, that's wonderful! I must admit that the Cheetos picture stummped me. Great 55!

  8. You drive a good-looking silver truck! (But you probably aready know that.) ;)

    Just posted a little something at the top of my "Great Peeps To Know..." in my sidebar you may enjoy taking a peek at.

    SUPER pix, good observant eye!


  9. Wheow! It took me awhile to understand the Great collection of photos. Cheetos, crunch, crunch!

  10. Vanessa Kilmer....
    You are such a scamp!
    There's MUCH MUCH more to you than clever writing, Southern Comfort, and bathroom Trashing.
    You DID indeed make my day...
    Thank You My little Mariposa d'Oro

  11. You know, most of us have too many words.


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