Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday 13 - Fantasy Living

When I win the lottery, I am buying these houses:


  1. OMG!! Those are awesome and unbelievable! What terrific pictures, Nessa!! I'm with you -- as soon as I become a millionaire!! Have a great evening!!


  2. Spooky! Here's my favorite:

  3. Hmmm interesting to say the least. I win I'm buying one and all it's contents. Think Buckingham Palace

  4. Those are as cool as can be. What a great fantasy. Some of them look a little hard to keep clean, but if you win the lottery I guess that is not your problem

  5. I want the shell with the stained glass! Oh WOW! I tell ya though... I do NOT want to carry groceries into #9! And #10 reminds me of a hobbit home!

  6. They are Lemony Snicketish wonders. I like the sea shell-shaped houses.

  7. i think those are cool houses...very fantastical...

  8. These are too cool! I think my oceanographer needs a seashell to live in, don't you?

  9. A lot of these look just like stuff from Final Fantasy games I've played.

  10. Oh, this was so much fun, some of them are a bit strange, but some of them are sure something I could live in too.;))

  11. OMG! Can I have the one with the purple sky background? If you win the Lottery, you'll be able to spare one for me, hehe!

  12. Wow, these are amazing. Some of them remind me of the woman who lived in the shoe and had so many children she didn't know what to do. :)

  13. Those are so cool! You find the best stuff, Nessa.I one in the water with the skyride type conveyance for entry is the most intriguing, I'd say.

  14. When you win the lottery and get yourself one of those can I come visit? Fascinating photos.

  15. Those are some really cool houses, #3 and #6 are my favorites from the outside views. I bet my kid would like the 10th & 11th ones best. I wonder what my Mother would think of #12, with her fear of unsecured high places and all. Great 13! ~ Calico Contemplations

  16. Um, I don't think any of them are structurally sound.

  17. all of them? phew! :)
    where's the castle in the sky, then? well, that rock in the ocean looks pretty close...

  18. Sylvia K: They are gorgeous shots – none of them are mine, though. *boo boo face*

    colleen: I saw that one but I would get dizzy and fall down trying to get in the door.

    Thom: Nothing else would suit a King Thom!

    Jeanie: Clean? Who cleans?

    Melli: I want Bilbo and Frodo’s house in LotR movie, too.

    SandyCarlson: Yes, the houses from that movie would do me too

    Brian Miller: I live in a world of make believe.

    quilly: I could sea [sic] you both there.

    Alice Audrey: Fantasy games have the best graphics for their commercials. I wish they made movies like that.

    Zuzana: When we a re brewing up some special teas.

    KB: We could have a whole village of them and Gandalf can shoot off fire works each night.

    Shelley Munro: there are actually several of the shoe and boot houses but they aren’t as cute as these.

    actonbell: I think that one is my favorite too. I can hear the waves down below.

    5thsister: Absolutey! We’ll have a tea party only with wine.

    Calico Crazy: #12 looks like a living being to me.

    The Phoenix: We are talking fantasy here – they are held up by wishes.

  19. Oh, those places!! I think I'd most like to live in that tall green one looking like an old-fashioned school house. I think I'd have my morning coffee at the very top each day.

    Then gain, living in a huge rock in the middle of a field would be cool too.

    Fun post.

    You buying your lottery tickets?? :)


  20. Those are awesome!

    I'd love the 2nd one - reminds me of the 7 dwarfs house.

  21. There are actually movies based on the FF games that uses the graphics and bits of the storyline. I find them a bit confusing.

  22. Please, please, please... buy me one, too. Beautiful photos.

  23. Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades.: It is very hard to choose.

    Jannie Funster: My husband does but today I will buy one for my birthday. I won $20 on a scratch off yesterday. I’m on my way.
    Sue: I like little – in my mind anyway.

    Alice Audrey: I just like looking at them but the actual stories don’t seem to be so good.

    Together We Save: Pretend always is.

    Rosidah Abidin: You are on my list.

    Unknown Mami: The more the merrier.

  24. Ah, artists. :) I certainly find the houses intriguing, but I would never want to live in them. Of course, you didn't say that you wanted to live in them, did you. ;) I think that it's time for me to buy a lottery ticket. Although, I haven't checked the numbers from the last one that I bought months ago. I may already be a winner. lol

  25. Some of these are just extraordinary! A wonderful mind of creativity!

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