Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sensational Haiku Wednesday – Belong (-ing)

Secure, wrapped in arms
unconditionally mine:
I sigh; I am home.
0 - green butterfly[2]
Write a haiku based on the week’s theme.
“The basics: Haiku is simple! It is 3 non-rhyming lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively (a great way to use your fingers!)”


  1. Oooooh, Somebody Puked!
    The Answer is Obvious

    (Some things you just can't live down can you? Especially with Butt-Holes like me dredging them up every week. I promise, you'll never hear of said incident again from my lips .)

  2. But you WILL hear this......

  3. and home is a great place to be...

  4. and home is a great place to be...

  5. I don't even wanna know what G-Man is going on about ;)

    Exactly how I feel about belonging, Nessa! Great haiku!

  6. G-Man: You are going to ruin my reputation, she said indignantly. Oh, wait, she mused, I’ve already done that myself.

    Any publicity is good publicity.


    Gattina: In my lover’s arms, of course.

    Brian Miller: My favorite place in the world.

    Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog?: That G-Man makes stuff up ;) I am the epitome of lady-like behavior *snort*

  7. Beautiful haiku, and great images you're planting in my head!

  8. you are sweet Nessa
    homeboy holds you o so tight
    love him forever

    I like your belonging. Glad you're home now. Another storm is coming, this time from us in Texas.

  9. Mumsy: Thanks. I hope they are warm and cozy.

    Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades.: Thank-you.

    Jingle: Home is my special place.

    Jim: He’s my one and only.

    I just heard this morning about the hurricane down your way. I hope you all stay safe and this one peters out like the last one.

  10. ...unconditionally mine..LOVE this - yeah - that feels like home

  11. sounds very cosy and romantic...

  12. I belong with you
    Where ever you are I am too
    forever friends we are

  13. Boy, that's sort of sweet, TLP. What got into you?

  14. Fantastic Haiku, Nessa! You certainly captured my feelings from a week or so ago.

  15. This is so beautiful. (sighing...)

  16. Awww... there's no place like home. There's NO place like home! :)

  17. There's no place quite like home, is there?

  18. very sweet Nessa, warm and fuzzy, it is a good read for a day like today (we are cold, wet and cloudy here in So Cal.

  19. Nessa

    Sounds like the perfect and only place to be to weather the storms, and the good times together. Sigh.

    That G-Man is at it again. We should have some fun with him come Flash Friday,-- have to think about this one...

    I tried rating your haiku and it did not work, ugh,

    but I give it 5 stars,


  20. Funny how many of us got wrapped up in arms for this haiku!

  21. Claudia: I’m glad others felt it too.

    juliana: hubby’s hugs are the best.

    TLP: This was very sweet

    Doug: Are you suggesting TLP is not normally sweet?

    Mama Zen: Ah, success ;)

    Alice Audrey: it’s a shame it can’t last longer.

    PattiKen: Thank-you.

    Melli: I agree.

    Shelley Munro: Always good to go back to.

    Bloggin'withAmanda: I’m glad this hit the spot.

    EG Wow: Thanks.

    joanny: I say we all write our 55’s geared towards the g-man one Friday.

    Ria: We all heated up the blogosphere today.

  22. Heated air rises.
    Cumulonimbus clouds form
    Storms off Jersey Shore.

  23. Nice. Very sensitive and intimate. A pleasure to read. - bill

  24. NICE!!! Guess the camping's done with :)
    Hope you had fun!
    This Haiku says it all! :)
    Take care...

  25. karen a.: A very topical contribution to the haiku day.

    Bill Cook: I have to show my nice side on occasion. ;)

    KB: Thank-you.

    Eden: I am glad you enjoyed it.

    kavisionz: We go camping again in October when we can do big bonfires.


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