Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tales on Tuesday - Charmed

I am putting up the Mr. Linky for this week's Tales on Tuesday - Charmed, so if you wrote a story, you can link (and i will eventually be around to read and visit.)

I have a story, but it's not quite done yet ('cus it's sucky right now.)


  1. will check back through...

    can you give me an idea on ease of setting up a Mr Linky?

  2. Too busy belting woo woo's if you ask me pffft

  3. I frequently suffer from sucky story syndrome.

  4. Sucky Story Syndrome is why I didn't post last night. I am still not certain I like how mine turned out.

  5. I'm also late. Too much distraction lately. LOL. Thanks for hosting again, Nessa. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Charmed? Oh. Charmed. I might actually be able to work with that.


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