Saturday, June 19, 2010

One Single Impression - Oubliette

Strips of paper with memories written in bold strokes of indelible ink fill a glass jar wrapped in soft pinks and greens and tied with a big, purple bow. As she took one end of the ribbon and pulled, the fun, forgotten moments of the past revealed themselves in bright squeals of laughter and warm, happy tears on soft wrinkled cheeks. Happiness sat upon the minutes of the now while dangling toes dipped into the pools of a fondly remembered past.
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 An oubliette is a dungeon; the word comes from the French for "forgotten place." This made me think of the good memories consciously brought back to the surface after rooting past the bad memories I like to hold on to with a death-like grip.
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One Single Impression is a weekly post prompt hosted by Sandy Carlson and Andrée.
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  1. I am just the opposite. I let the bad memories fade away and nurture the good. I know that sounds like a positive thing, but I think it kept me with my ex- long after I should have left.

  2. I love that word, always have, it has a certain melancholic ring to it.
    I collect memories the same way...
    Have a lovely Saturday,

  3. ha. very and creative...even the bad memories can be nostalgic at times...the badness of them seems to we get older..

  4. I have my share of bad memories, but it is the good ones I swim in on a regular basis.

  5. I guess we all have our share of bad memories, but I for one like to focus on the good ones - of which there have been many and they far outweigh the bad ones. Lovely post for the day, Nessa! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Beautiful post,Nessa.
    Cool and creative :)

  7. Wonderful creation and words! Have a great week ahead, Nessa.

  8. With my luck the words would pull up no memories at all. It's a great idea, though.


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