Monday, May 24, 2010

Blogging is like a Crack Addiction...

...I imagine, anyway. I got so caught up in participating in meme's and weekly blog games. I had to go cold turkey to survive.

Things have been topsy-turvey in my real world. Re-structuring at work, family wanting extra attention and my desire to get published. Hence, my break from you all. (Extreme boo-boo face.) The month of may was not any better than the month of April.

I see DISQUIS is still here. I've asked for its removal about 20 times now.

I had a whole week off from work (the only time in 13 years) which I spent with my grandson. All I did the entire week was pay attention to him. I had forgotten how much work babies can be, especially when they are teething.

I have been writing 500 words a day on my novels in progress and doing a major revision of my 2006 NaNoWriMo novel Happenstance.

I will be trying to come around to visit over the next couple of weeks. I promise nothing, as all of my plans tend to go awry.


  1. Hey Nessa....
    Glad you are still around!
    You've been missed but I totally understand
    your need to step back.
    And yea on spending time with the grandbaby!

  2. Well I'm glad you are still breathing my friend. :) Ummm to remove disqus you got to get rid of the plugin in your blog. That will fix this problem. LOL :) Hope you are well and glad that you are writing. See ya when you get back :) And hurry up would ya. No Tales on Tuesday :) pffft. *belts back a woo woo for ya :)

  3. glad you got your priorties right...sounds like you are having fun. see you when we see you...

  4. Grandsons and novels are more important than blogging. Always nice to hear what you are up to, though. Take care of the real world stuff first, Dahling! Hugs!

  5. Life takes precedence.

  6. We can wait ....
    Take all the time you need !!

  7. Nessa -- I am just happy to know you are well!

  8. Hi Nessa, I too am glad for the report. It was good that you got to spend that week. You will remember it always and Grandson will have a bonding rememberance even if he forgets the stay.

    I just jumped off my yellow train because my bucket needs attention. Me too. I will post occasionally but maybe at the other blog. Who knows, I don't.

  9. Glad to see you around again. Wondered what you were up to.

  10. Good luck with everything, Nessa, and don't work too hard!


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