Monday, April 05, 2010

April is Poetry Month: poem-a-day #5

The prompt for today is "Spring Chicken."

Here's mine:

I’m no spring chicken
and yes I’ve taken a lickin’
I keep on tickin’

I’m like the famous rabbit
and yes dagnabbit
Not giving up is a habit

Write a poem-a-day in April.

Tomorrow's prompt is up and you can catch up with the previous prompts.


  1. Not giving up could be a habit, or a vice, or a passion. I'll take the latter.

  2. haha! cute. I couldn't have done better.

  3. Helen Reddy should sing this.

  4. Very funny lines written
    it makes me ^___^

  5. Hello Nessa:
    I see you stopped by and left a comment on my spelling bee post glad you liked it .
    Thanks For Stopping By.

  6. Just a fashion note.
    The sunglasses are fine but really, the drum is passe

    Nicely done, Nessa

  7. If I can be bold
    yes I'm getting old
    But when I was young
    I was really well hung
    It's not what you think
    So don't throw a stink
    It was just to do a poem
    So I could really show'em

  8. Sometimes reading poetry feels peaceful, makes you think within yourself..and I'm not giving up.....have a great day....

    Dorothy from grammology

  9. Very nice indeed, Nessa.
    Very playful .

    I have done the Tales on Tuesday here

    Hope it is not that bad... hugs, shakira

  10. When it comes to a winner, It's you they'll be pickin'.

  11. When it comes to a winner, it's you they'll be pickin'.

  12. In reading your rabbit rhymes I came to the end incredibly happy that I didn't have to read about a bobbed Babbit.

  13. That was fun. Nothing on the top of my head on spring chickens but here's one I wrote last year and thought of it today because the forsythia is in peak bloom.

    My House Loves Butter

    My house loves butter
    It glows with forsythia
    With 1000’s of lampshades dangling yellow
    Bright bulbs illuminate April

  14. That one made me smile.;)) Have a great day.;)

  15. Love it! I did write a poem today, or rather, lyrics, but I am not posting them (yet) because its for something special.


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