Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rhyme and Reason

* * * Special Update: Quilly and Doug are two of my most favoritest people and they only ever entice me to try new things. I luvs them lots!

Because Quilly and Doug asked why I didn't have more butterflies on my blog, I no longer have my flapping butterfly profile picture. Blogger won't let me upload any animated gifs and I still haven't figured out how to put pictures in the background and that's why I haven't responded to all of your wonderful comments but i have read them. Thank-you!

But I did get to hear my grandchild's heartbeat Wednesday night, so all things considered I should quit my bitching, don't you agree?

***Update: I have figured out how to put an animated picture back in my profile. Now if someone will tell me how to put pictures in the background...


  1. Oh great wonderful for you. I wish I could help you but I'm a dunce when it comes to these themes for blogs. Why oh why can't it be in just plain English? Keep the butterflies coming...

  2. I think there are places that give you templates for backgrounds for Blogger, but unless you know HTML fairly well, you could screw everything up. Besides, I have found that it is the content of the blog that is important, not the background which is mostly just a distraction making it hard to read. I love your blog for what you post, not the decoration. I vote to leave it as it is. The .gif avatar is nice, though. I used to make Icy wink in the ID pic, but anymore, I am satisfied with simplicity there. "It's the content, stupid!" That's just an expression derived from the Reagan Pres. campaign signifying what is really important.

  3. Why did you lose your butterflies because I asked?! I am so glad you've gathered more. These are lovely (green being my fave color).

    AND, you might need to speak to Melli. She redoes her blog for every season and I believe she creates her own. She may be able to help you, but I am only guessing.

  4. Nice animation. If I remember correctly, pictures in the background are done in the template. I don't remember correctly how, but try

  5. Skywind: My daughter is at 3 months.

    Thom: I have other things I'd rather do myself so not much will be changing.

    Tom: Thanks Tom for being the voice of reason. I'd rather being writing stories than writing code. I like the way my blog looks too.

    Quilly: Oh, I just needed someone to blame and of course it couldn't be my fault for playing with something I shouldn't have touched in the first place (or for once again procrastinating.) Although now I will make myself a green butterfly avatar cus green is my favorite too.

    Doug: Yeah, I messed with the template and was able to make some changes but then I decided I wasted enough time on something that didn't really matter anyway. I do like it plain and simple.

    PS - I looked it up and contralto is the lowest female voice or the highest male voice.

  6. Congrats on your grand-kid! I wish a safe pregnancy and happy waiting time to your daughter.
    I liked your experimenting spirit with animations. :)

  7. Indrani: Thanks. We are getting excited.

  8. Hope all is well, and goes well. Congrats!

  9. there seems quite a lot of us who like green :)

  10. Kev: Thanks I appreciate your good wishes.

    Juliana: The best color in the world.

  11. Now that is some fancy green butterfly! I have no idea how you do that - but it is eye catching.

    Big wow on you hearing your grandbaby's heart beat! How exciting for you. When is he/she/they due? :)

  12. Tsduff: The baby is due, 9/14, two days after my daughter's birthday.

  13. I had been wondering about that butterfly!
    This is so clever, very well done!

  14. Jientje: My name, Vanessa, is from the Greek goddess of butterflies.


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