Thursday, February 26, 2009

TWT #3 - Dirty

"Dirty Boy"
Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © August 13, 2008

Quilly has a weekly game called Three Word Thursday. This is Week 3. Learn how to play and learn some new-old words.


Penniless, Joan took two part-time jobs to supplement the income of her daytime work to pay back all of the debt her quondam husband, Blows Like a Wind, formally known as Stan, created when he gave all of their savings to the cult he joined a year ago.

BLaW tied a pink ribbon in his hair to get in touch with his feminine side. He gave up wearing underware because he and his boys needed to live free. Instead of speaking, he sang, the vibrations of his voice changing the world. He no longer bathed so his soul would not be blackened with the murder of living beings. The record of his opprobrious actions caused the divorce judge to sign the decree in record time.

The court had granted full custody of their three children to Joan. Not long afterwards, she applied for and received a restraining order. BLaW tried to convince everyone that as the children's father he knew what was best for them. He thought having the ear of the almighty should count for something, but no one bought his casuistry. He attempted to abduct the children four times. He finally gave up when he received his boarding pass for the space ship.


  1. I love this story. My hands are clapping. I just hope he doesn't end up on the same space ship I'm on!

  2. Fine story and photo. All these years I thought Cleanliness was next to Godliness. He must be the exception that proves the rule.

  3. Even casuistry was used properly. Very, very, well done. I just love to read your stories.

  4. Joan should be very happy that quondam Stan is on the space ship.
    Good story.

  5. I just learned "casuistry." One of my favorite new words. Well done with the writing and getting a photo of The LORD.

  6. Quilly: We can always push him out the escape pod.

    Tom: Germs are living beings and God's creatives (please don't strike me dead), too, as are lice and bedbugs.

    Dr. John: I love when you tell me that. Thanks so very much.

    Betty: Joan wishes it went to the otherside of the universe.

    Doug: I like all of these new words for writing, but I can't seem to get most of them around my tongue.

  7. I certainly wish that space travel was that easy. There are plenty of people I would love to ship off like that. Great story.

  8. They should just make another planet for Xs - ummm ...quandoms! I'm sO glad he's gone!

  9. Thom: It would be lovely if we could put people in space quarantine.

    Melli: There is a place - The Quandom Quadrant. Just put it in your GPS.

  10. poor fellow space passengers!
    i love the story. it works perfectly well without any other fancy quilly words.

  11. Juliana: Don't feel bad for the space crowd. They go to a better place.

  12. Snoogs: Like any dirty boy would.

  13. Oh, Nessa, I love this story! So well written, and a photo to go with it! I think being rocketed off into outer space is a good thing for this guy and such a blessing to his former family. Great job!!

  14. The picture is great too! You are still so gifted with words.

  15. Alice: I'm glad you enjoyed. We are putting a colony on Mars.

    Tsduff: You are so sweet. Thanks.


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