Monday, February 23, 2009

One Hundred Words #1 - Timeless Graffiti

"Timeless Graffiti"
Photograph by Vanessa V. Kilmer © August 31, 2008

Timeless Graffiti

Vacations in a small town were no better than days at home.

Loners, shunned by other children and ignored by their families, Lalifia and Jibreel found each other when they spent the summer days along the banks of the river.

He drew and she wrote, shoulder to shoulder, creating an ageless love story from their lives. In their art and their youth, they vowed to be together for eternity, two hearts as one.

On their last day together, Jibreel took his father's pocket knife and carved their names in the tree where they first met, a timeless and living graffiti.

* * * * *

One Hundred Words - answering the questions Who, What, When, Where and Why?


  1. Sort of like Tolstoy who saw a woman jump in front of a train and created a story leading up to the event, you must have seen the tree and carving and thought out a story behind it. I have been thinking about how we need to know our ending before we can thoroughly create the events leading to it.

  2. Tom: I did wonder who these people were that scared a tree. And then I thought about how graffiti has been around for so long, eons, in fact and as contempories we lament the destructive nature of it but removed from the time period, we view it as archeologists and wonder.

    We have so many endings during our existence. But endings do color the way we view our journeys. If we like the outcome then the trip however precarious has been worth the while. If the end is not to our liking then we view our life as a desaster.

    You are very spiritual this morning.

  3. Great piece of writing, to give a story and a meaning to a bit of graffiti, an image that meant nothing to nobody except those that carved it...wonderful!

  4. Very nice. Puts me in mind of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

  5. Nicely done. Provocative, even in a thoughtful kind of way.

  6. Kev: Like dreaming. Thanks.

    Doug: I like Silverstein, although I haven't read that particular title. (Looked it up, though.) Thanks for the wonderful comparison.

    Quilly: Thank you. I'm glad I could provoke you: D

  7. I loved the story but it left me with so many questions. Did they ever meet again or was this really their "last" day together?
    Perhaps they met again when they were very old. My mid boggles at the possibility.

  8. Who, What, When, Where and Why - those are the rules and what must be answered by a good news on the paper ... of course, sometimes they can also be the "motto" for a nice and simple tale!

    Thank you for liking the perspective of my simple chair.
    I also can be seen at my camera sees

  9. Dr. John: Answers always lead me to more questions.

    Ferreira-Pinto: I will look there too.

  10. So much packed into so little. Brilliantly done!

  11. Jeff: Small packages and all. Thanks.

  12. Well done! Very good writing exercise, and you nailed it!


  13. hehe Lalifia and Jibreel hehehe

  14. bow chicka wow sorry its been stuck in my head all day

  15. hey where's my comment back

  16. Erika: Sorry, that Bob is a bad influence as you know.


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