Tuesday, July 08, 2008


"Turkey Buzzards" Woodstown, New Jersey 20080704
Photograph Copyright 2008 Vanessa V. Kilmer

I lost my internet connection Friday morning and just got it back yesterday. My splitter shorts out.


  1. The buzzards were circling you because you didn't have an internet connection? Now that's nature adapting!

  2. You were near death from internet withdrawal and the buzzards were circling! I am so glad it came back when it did.

    HEy, while you were out, I wrote a short and posted it on, The Grownups Wanted Us Dead.

  3. Oh my stars, I am amazed at your strength of will and drive to survive. You are brave, Nessa, very brave.

  4. VE: Darwin knew what he was on about.

    Quilly: I am so glad you were never in danger. Be by soon to read.

    Logo: Those darn vultures can't get me; D

  5. That's a great shot Nessa. Being without the internet can drive you insane!

  6. Those turkey buzzards are very large. We saw one once in a hospital driveway. I wish my camera was ready to shoot a picture. Oh, well...

  7. That is one surreal photo!

    Sorry about your Internet troubles.

  8. Great anology photographically-wise.

    Buzzards after the near-death of computer and/or computer user. Nice touch. Very original.

  9. Not sure how you survived that long without the net. I know I get really jittery after a few hours. Probably why I have a phone with internet. :)

  10. I love the way you captured the bird in the lower right just as it was landing.

  11. You know what they say: It's better for your splitter to short than your shorts to split.

  12. They sure are prettier on a cloudy day.

  13. Daniel: I found these birds so fascinating.

    Dragonstar: It’s getting so I can’t keep up, I have so many interruptions.

    Molly: They are huge!

    Sandy: Surreal and a tad scary.

    Shari: Knawing at my electronic carcass.

    Gretchen: If I could see my phone, I’d have it there.

    Randall: Their wings are amazing – very delicate and graceful.

    Diesel: You’re such a cad, oops, I meant, card; D

    Doug: They were very pretty, in an ugly dog contest sort of way.

    Kev: Thanks.

  14. Hi Friend,
    Just stop by to say hi,
    Wish you have a great day.
    Take care

  15. We've got them here too, circling overhead. A wonderful sight.

  16. Mrs. Emi: Thanks for visiting.

    Middle Ditch: I enjoy watching them.

  17. Thanks for visiting me so frequently, in spite of your internet problems. I really appreciate it.

    Any improvement in your internet yet?

  18. Hi Dragonstar: I enjoy visiting you. I'm cheating and reading at work. Ssshhhh! Don't tell. I'm going to buy a new splitter. If that doesn't work, we'll rewire.

  19. Very cool picture! I do love a good vulture sighting... just hope their tree isn't in your front yard. (pretty gross, given what they eat) Sorry about your interet not working - that is HORRIBLE!

  20. I'm sure this computer "flu" contagious and everyone caught it from me.
    I suggest you hold your breath when you visit my place.
    Those aren't buzzards...they're such very large vampire bats.

  21. Wow. That is a great picture of some very spooky looky birds!!!

  22. tsduff: Ew, yuck, that would be gross.

    Swampy: You are just so infectious; D

    Pavel: I must save some of the oothers for Halloween.


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