Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Sunrise on the first day of Summer.


  1. Nessa, that's a beautiful photo. When we were island-dwellers we saw so many beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but we don't see as many now we're surrounded by houses.
    This picture makes me feel right at home.

  2. Fantastic colours and also makes me wish my holidays come real quick.

  3. Happy Summer, Nessa! This is gorgeous. God bless.

  4. Red sun at morning,
    Sailors take warning!

    Beautiful capture.

  5. Beautiful sunset! Glad to see you posting again.

  6. That's a nice shot. I'm on the west coast so I see it set like that for sunset.

  7. dragonstar: This was my first ocean sunrise - part of my "bucket list."

    quint: It does look like a vacation.

    Sandy: Thanks. I did feel quite blessed.

    Quilly: I thought so, too, but no boomers.

    dot: It feels good to be back.

    daniel: Thanks.

    ve: We have bookends.

  8. David: God and Nature did most of the work. I just watched.

    Madame Wilde: Yeah.

  9. Wonderful shot! If it's a sunrise you must be on the east coast. My first thought before reading the title was beautiful sunset. We're so conditioned by where we grow up.

  10. Randall: I always think of red and oranges for sunsets, too, and more bright yellows and blue for sunrises.

    Jenn: It felt that way.

  11. Beautiful pic! :)

    Thanks for sharing it.

  12. OH! Stunning picture of two of my favorite natural events. Pictures like that help us remember just how pretty it actually was. Our puny minds can bring it back in it's splendor.

  13. tsduff: I love the beach/ocean late at night and early in the morning when few people are around. Makes it easier to connect.


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