Monday, April 07, 2008

White Trash Weekend

Four generations of one family in an RV for the weekend in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Need I say more?

My father turned 77 on Sunday, April 6th. We will be taking him for a NASCAR weekend to Dover International Raceway end of May. Tickets for Sunday’s race at the Start/Finish line, row six: lots of beer and red meat. His favorite driver is Jeff Gordan, who drives car 24 not 45, like The Dip, yours truly, put on his Birthday card.

The limerick for my father:

It’s possible that Jeff could win
At the race where you haven’t yet been.
He could make your day
Special in a birthday way,
As long as his car doesn’t spin.


  1. I had a friend that was a Jeff Gordon fan. Her entire office looked like a race track novelty shop! Happy Birthday to your dad. Hope Jeff does him proud.

  2. Hello Nessa,
    I am catching up today with blogging friends.

    What a wonderful present for your father; my husband would love a NASCAR weekend.

  3. Ah -- so you remembered to book the reservations! Nice going. Now they will always expect you to be dependable ....

    You realize, of course, that Ilona Andrews' second novel is now out, and you have yet to read her first? I'm telling you, you would love this author. Her wicked sense of humor and smart mouth remind me of somebody ....

    Check my 04/04 post for more details. You have to get these read before next April when #3 comes out. You're falling behind!

  4. My kids take me to train shows. It's nice that your good to your father.

  5. Oh my. I can't wait to read all the stories--or not, depending on how trashy.

  6. Happy Birthday to your Dad! I sense plenty of blog fodder in this scenario. :)

  7. Wonderful idea! I hope your father has a wonderful day.

  8. A belated Happy Birthday to your Dad, hope he enjoyed his birthday treat.

  9. Oh my gosh, I'd rather be flogged than go to a car race. You are one good daughter Nessa.

  10. You are an EXCELLENT daughter,Nessa. There is not enough beer in the world... Now, if it was WINE...I could be talked into it. :-)

  11. Happy Birthday to Dad. My Dad turned 83 April 7th.
    Go Jeff!

  12. Hope your dad had a great day and birthday. Sounds like you gave him the perfect present :)

  13. Hope you all have a really great time. I am not too familiar with Nascar, but I am sure that being at the track will be a lot of fun.
    Thanks for popping in at the maxfiles


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