Monday, December 10, 2007

Oops, My Bad.

Minka The Ice Princess and Actonbell The Tempest in a Teapot have found my 2007 NaNoWriMo novel on their own and have made some very kind comments. If you wish to peruse the 50K+ words, you may do so HERE. Sorry for the delay. It seems the holidays are getting the best of me. I thought I had loads of time but all kinds of things are happening at once and I think my innards may become my outards. Of course, the books I’m reading are not helping my time management (shush, don’t tell anyone.) And I can’t find my calendar (where I schedule everything) which has begun to obsess my thoughts and really screwing with my head.


  1. I must say I have not read it all yet, but so far I love it! Easy to read and follow. I look forward to having more time to read it all! :D

    Great job oh creative one.

  2. I'm hoping I get a chance to read by the weekend--I know I'm in for a couple of busy days here tho.

  3. Debs: Thanks so much for reading it. It's a bit messy, but it was fun. It's a completely different story than the one I intended, but what the hay.

    Madame Wilde: I know you are very busy this time of year making us all smell lovely, so whenever you get the chance, I would be thrilled.

  4. Keep your insides on the inside, please. IT is just yucky when things like that spill out.


  5. I knew you could do it. You had a temporary block there, but made up for it. I'm more than impressed. :) Congrats on being a winner again.

  6. Looks like Me gonna have sumpin to read when Me gets some down time.


  7. Will have to read this when i have some time when we leave for vacation in Jan...
    Thanks for the stop over on my blog, but have to say that wasn't my crab. we didn't crab, and it was the only crab that was big enough to keep.

  8. While you're looking for your calendar, would you keep a watch out for my list of things to do?

  9. Newbie following your comment.

    You certainly are a productivity queen.

    Best wishes

    This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.

  10. :) Congratulations again Nessa!

    I might try again next year ... might... lol.. since life seems to get in my way ... I'm still working on it ever so slowly.. the empty stockings are taking up a lot of my free time..

    I need my list too... I'll be alright after the holidays I'm sure!

  11. I would be lost without my calendar. I'm awful at lists and schedules. They seem to breed worries about stuff I know I will never have time for.

    I hope to read your novel over Christmas when my time will be my own. I'm glad you met your goal. Congratulations!


  12. I will be getting to that after the holiday...crazy for me here, too.

    I'm so proud of you and in awe of you that you did it though!


  13. I will read every word after the Holidays...I look forward to that...I am playing catch up right now...lost seven weeks.
    So much to do so little time.

  14. December and over-booked schedules. I can relate...look forward to reading as soon as my to-do list is complete and that would be sooner if I didnot continually update that to-do list!!! Have a great Christmas and a wonderful step into the new year :)

  15. Congrats on getting it all down!
    You are amazing. I do hope your calendar turns up, I dont know what the heck is going on without mine.

  16. Impressive. I'm not finished reading it though, I'm on word 14,387

  17. Enjoy yourself! What better thing to do during the holidays! Stop beating up on yourself. Hugs!


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