Friday, October 05, 2007

Mountain Retreat

I am off to the mountains for some well deserved peace and quiet. I have posted an animated apple, bad bee and cold cat at the Scavenger Hunt blog. I will be reading Specimen Days and Leaves of Grass for the book group at Nessa's Reading Room. I will also be crocheting scarves for gifts for over seas relatives and drinking wine and tasting apples and cheese. Have fun. I'll see you Sunday night.

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  1. Have a wonderful time.
    That cabin looks so idilic...I long for a vacation with nothing to do but read and eat.

  2. Can I come with you?

    Have a good time. Rest. Relax. :)

  3. oooohhh, aahhhhhhhh - looks too pretty - betcha won't want to leave... those ferns are gorgeous.

  4. "...drinking wine and tasting apples and eating cheese>" I think you have inspired me!

  5. Oh, right. You go off and have fun. Leave me here working the scavenger hunt. Only I finished it. But I gave everyone a head start. Not my fault they are so slow outta the gate.

  6. I have posted A-I of the scavenger hunt. More to follow, but first I must bake bread, do the laundry, clean the house and cook dinner -- not necessarily in that order, or at all.

  7. Have a wonderful and restful time

  8. Relaxing is good! Drink wine and eat cheese for me.

  9. Beautiful! Hope your weekend was lovely!

  10. for how long will you be gone, 6 months? Do get all that must have like 7 legs, three pairs of eyes and a cone do you find clothes that fit?

  11. And I love the idea of the rope swing.

  12. Mo’a: It is so quiet and peaceful.

    Quilly: We tried.

    Shari: The more the merrier.

    Tsduff: We plan on moving in this area in 6 years.

    Mizmell: Wine on the porch…lovely.

    Tlp: You are a thoroughbred. I will be by today to see.

    Quilly: The bread baking sounds good. The other stuff can wait (forever.)

    Mjd: We really did try.

    Kat: We drank enough wine for several people.

    Katie: The colors on the leaves were spectacular.

    Grunty: We never want to leave.

    Minka: I’ll post a picture soon to show you; D

    Gawpy: The ferns were a lovely rusty color. And there are 3 rope swings (for three little girls.)

  13. Rhea: Very peaceful. Good for napping on the porch.

  14. I like the look of that cabin! So peaceful up in the mountain!


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