Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Blow


  1. Wow. That blew my hat off.
    Short little snips of video are really nice. Makes the picture more real and understandable.

  2. i suppose i was thinking something completely different, what with the title being what it is...

  3. T & I: It was so windy this morning, I had to keep it short.

    Bo: While there may be other meanings for that title, I couldn't possibly know what they are as I am an innocent
    ; D (I'm very sorry if I got your hopes (or anything else) up.

  4. That was some wind. I love it when it gets like this in the autumn! Lately, though, I haven't been able to distinguish between the wind and the rain.

  5. Sandy: It was like that Saturday: both together, making it a very stay home sort of day.

  6. And here i thought i was going to see a nice quiet spot


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