Monday, October 01, 2007

Check It Out

The Wieners of The Amazingly Bombastic Creativity Image Scavenger Hunt for September have been announced and the new list for October is on the side bar.

The blog for the reading group called Nessa’s Reading Room is up with information and the first book to read.

The theme for October's Photo studies is posted here. Last month's theme was One.

I think I am done with adding new blogs for a while. When you are bored, check out the various offerings I have there on the side. I put the dates of the last updates next to each one so you always know what’s new.


  1. Sweet. I'm going to try to play this time. Of course, I'm even busier than last month, but I'm going to TRY.

  2. Diesel: Great. I made it up so I'd have some ready ideas and even I didn't play the first time. But I'm starting this month's today.

  3. Geez, holy cow, woman! Yer prolific! Thanks for providing us so much fun!

  4. Cindra: Anything to keep me from my work.

  5. I mighht try but I never seem to find the time.

  6. Maaaan, I don't know how you do it. I have two blogs, and that's more than enough to keep me busy for the time being. :)

  7. Wow!!! I cannot keep up with you do you do it?

  8. No time, keep doing things though, nasty day job ends in January and then I can play!

  9. I, too, wonder how you can manage your blogs. I have two myself and had to cut down a bit. Your game looks interesting and maybe when I am done with my classes I'll try it.

    It's a good idea to post dates on your blog links so others know when you last posted something. Even your book club looks interesting. Only thing I am reading is blogs and textbooks. No newspapers for me-to depressing.

  10. I checked out your photo site and will make a mental note to see if I can join in on Wednesdays.
    My, my, you're a busy one.

  11. I think you are incredible - busy and incredible. I'm eating your dust.

  12. No moss growing on you, rolling stone. I will definitely check out all as I will be off from work until Tuesday. Yahoooooo!

  13. You DO have many blogs ... I wish I had the time you do to put into them!!

    -- david

  14. Awesome. I am craving corn now. Thanks.

  15. Dr. John: Just fun little things to do if you want. No pressure.

    Funky: I must come visit again.

    Mo’a: Is magic.

    Kat: I know I’ll be here in January.

    Shari: I never read newspapers. I’ll read anything else. I also rarely watch the news. I find most news reporting to be more gossip than actual facts.

    Mizmell: I love to see Wednesday photos at your site.

    Tsduff: You’re sweet.

    G: You can’t hit a moving target; D

    David: I obviously have no life; D

    Gawpy: Youse a goof.


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