Friday, August 31, 2007


I have carried this newspaper clipping in my wallet since about 1978. (Click to make it larger.)


  1. Wouldn't that make a fascinating reality show? Following up on old stories like this to see what became of the people involved. With the passage of a bit of time, they might be amenable to sitting down and dishing out all the scurrilous details.

    Why did you hang onto this? Would you ask your dates about the condition of their backs and if they asked why, you'd whip this out?

  2. I guess it's all a matter of priorities, isn't it?

  3. It reminds me of those two teenagers that snogged at a traffic light and had to be cut from each other like five hours later - cos their braces had become entwined.

  4. LOL, truth really is stranger than fiction!

  5. What I find remarkable is that you've apparently carried this clipping since 1978. There's something a little wrong with you.

  6. This was sooo funny! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Bert: A Where Are They Now? Show with a twist. Don’t tell on me; D

    Mizmell: Peoples’ priorities have always fascinated me. People are afraid of the most interesting things.

    Jenn: I remember that.

    Pauline: Definitely.

    Debs: It still makes me laugh.

    Kat: It’s like a vaudeville skit.

    Diesel: Yes, I know. (Hangs her head and grins.)

    Katie: A little sad really that she thinks her husband will only be upset about the car.

  8. That is too embarassing! Funny journalism though. I like old articles.

  9. Tsduff: This makes me laugh every time.

  10. Oh. my. GOD. that's hilarious! ; )


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