Monday, August 20, 2007


I have a video of the private fishing boats going out to sea. This went on all morning, the boats coming from several directions and each racing the other I guess to get the best spot in the Atlantic Ocean. I found the Fishing Run very funny.

Here are some of the Birds I saw. I don’t know the name of the little brown one.

And some assorted pictures of The Jersey Shore: The Barnegat Lighthouse, the fishing campers at the end of Island Beach State Park and The Stinkhouse (an abandoned fish refinery.)


  1. Great show and tell, Nessa! Love it...I do dig me some egret. And sand between my toes. I grew up in a fishing town on the other ocean over I really enjoyed your pics for reasons other than just the lovely aesthetics! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great photos and video...I see that you have the little brown bird identified...don't you just love blogging and bloggers?

  3. Cindra: I love the ocean. Not for swimming and sunbathing, but for it's beauty and power.

    Mo'a: Yes, bloggers are great. I always learn something new.

  4. I particularly liked the pictures of the shore. I have to tell you that last evening I tried to make a little movie of my daughters cat and the whole time my stomach was growling. When I replayed the movie all I could hear was a constant rumble. It took me a bit to figure out what it was. It sure didn't sound like the cat!

    By the way, I sure have enjoyed MovieMaker. Thanks for that tip.

  5. Diesel: Thanks.

    Gawilli: The mics are so sensitive. If I'm not careful I get the lens cap banging against the camera in the breeze. Are you going to show us a movie?

  6. I do so love the beach but you people over there keep your sunset on the wrong side :p
    Those photos are gorgeous, I love going on vacation with you...ya know, vicariously.

  7. All the pictures were great. The boats are in a hurry to get to where the fish are because the people pay by the hour. So it is hurry out and hurry back. They aren't there too look at the sights they are there to fish.

  8. Logo: This will upset you. It upsets me. I have never seen a sunrise at the beach. I will be rectifying this absurd fact this year.

    Dr. John: You sound like you mean business; D You must take fishing as serious as my husband does.

    Your Lordship: Thanks for stopping by. And I suspect you are speaking in zee British.

  9. OMG!
    Well, I can kinda understand that, I mean, they happen so EARLY!!

  10. Logo: I hang my head in shame, but I will remedy this terrible debacle this year, no more excuses.


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