Friday, August 31, 2007


A red balloon popped over my head. The shards of the latex snapped on my cheek, stinging and bringing water to my eyes. I wiped the tears away with my white gloved hands and smudged the green, blue and orange grease paint covering my face. I reminded myself this was why clowns should not cry.


  1. Ok. This clown scares me.


  2. Gawpo..if you stand on your head and look at it, it's not so scary.

  3. I am not a fan of clowns. Swampy sent me this way, she did warn me of the clown pic. :)

  4. I always thought clowns were the saddest creatures.

    They are nearly half human and are stripped of the basic right to express agony, what with that big smile painted on their faces.

    Haaay. This fits my mood. It's September and the Holiday Blues have started kicking in...

  5. Having been a clown in many parades I really understand this one.

  6. Gawpo: Lots of people are afraid of clowns. I think it has something to do with big feet.

    Swampy: Perception is all.

    Pauline: Thanks.

    Minka: I’m sorry. No more clowns.

    Debs: Welcome and sorry your first visit was scary.

    John: Me, too. You never know who is behind the paint and the laughter.

    Dr. John: I bet it’s not easy being a clown.

  7. I think it IS sad that his greasepaint smeared.

  8. Me loves clowns! But me recons a saddened and smudged one would be a heartbreaking sight.


  9. clowns should only be seen on cookie jars. ; )

  10. Neva: I can't think of clowns without thinking of John Wayne Gacy.


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