Saturday, June 02, 2007

This I Made Better

Update: There's more silliness here if you want to look.


  1. Well this is pretty cool. How did you do that?

  2. Quilly: Of course.

    Gawilli: It's like a flip book. I drew many pictures of the same size in Paint. (The color setting at 256.) Each drawing is slightly different. Then I used Jasc Paint Pro 6 (which you can get free online.) It has an animation program. You insert each picture into frames in the order you want them then use the animation wizard to make them move. So far I've only gotten about 6 panels to work online. Larger ones don't move. I used the instructions atHTML Goodiesto get started.

  3. I'm so impressed. Here you are being so creative and I can't even manage to keep my posts up.

  4. I have ne of those programs and it is lots of fun. Your doing a greta job with it.

  5. Very cool Nessa! I'm impressed. (Love the crumblling face)

  6. Hey cool!! These sillies help the mind relax. Good job!

  7. Very clever, I hope my daughter Katie never sees these, as I will never get on the computer again!

  8. ampy: That’s not your fault, though; it’s that stinky typepad messing about.

    Katie: I’m the king of the moving cartoons; D

    Dr. J: Thanks. I love new was to procastinate.

    Kat: My husband wanted to know if it was his portrait.

    Dabich: I like the string.

    Bazza: My daughter was not impressed, but she’s a snobby 20 year old.

  9. Cripes, I'm really jealous! I can barely manage to get my posts on with pictures in them - let alone learn all this!

  10. very impressive. And thanks for letting us in on the secret of how you did it!

    I am very tempted to download, that program!

  11. Phoenix: A little spastic, but kind of cute.

    Jackie: I spent alot of fun but procrastinating time on this on the weekend.

    Minka: It's all free and loads of fun. I say, do it.


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