Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Modern Shakespeare


  1. I love his works, especially what he does on box cars and anything stationary on the bad part of town.

  2. At first I thought that was a vending machine that said "Wish me peace."

    I really shouldn't try to blog outside in the sun.

  3. Judging by the spelling, it was one of my students.

  4. I could use that thought and apply it to the back of my think people would act upon it?

  5. The artist was very nice. No profanity or anything. A dirty car is an amazing canvas for an artist.

  6. Haha, Nessa. The Bard of the Bigrig.

  7. I hope they did that as a joke! One of my pet peeves is reader boards/signs with words spelled incorrectly. (Now that I've pompously announced that - I'll probably be leaving misspellings all over the net!) Karma, ya know?

  8. Logo: Variety is the spice of the human race.

    Grunty: Urban art is free.

    Diesel: Yours is funnier.

    Chikky Baby: Yes, my fine cartoonist art done between people dropping in unannounced to my office.

    Quilly: The English language is always growing.

    Minka: There’s always hope someone will take pity.

    Egan: It’s always nice when a comic can make a clean joke.

    Doug: What better way to reach their audience?

    I drove behind this truck on the way to work and it tickled me all day for some reason. The “c” just makes me chuckle.

  9. Jackie: Sorry we crossed in posting. I am a horrible speller, but quite snobby about spelling.


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