Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Dance

I am doing the Happy Dance because I am the proud owner of ONLY ONE house. Yes, folks, you heard right, after seven months we have finally sold our old house. We can now breath again.


  1. What a relief, huh!? I'm happy for you. Our family does the "happy butt shake" - I'll do one for you! LOL

  2. Whoo-hoo! Congrats!

    You still have room for me to move in with you guys, though, right?

  3. Yay! Like Jackie said, I will now do the happy butt shake in your honor. I remember when the last buyer flaked on you. Btw, you never did say -- did you let her live?

  4. Right on! yay! Congrats. What a load off!

  5. That's awesome, Nessa. I hope to have one house someday too and not rent. I luv the dancing snoopy.

  6. Congrats! I'm happy for ya lady!
    What did ya do different that sold it??? I'm still trying to sell one of mine!

  7. Happy Happy Wiggle Wiggle Shake Shake Shake...Boogie Woogie...Dance.
    What a relief. I'm hoping our daughter and her husband sell their house soon.

  8. congratumulationsness! :D

    and a happy happy halloween ! :D

  9. Jackie: Yes, ma’am. Is that like the dance what’s her face does in Charlie’s Angels?

    Mr. Fab: Our new house has more room than the old house. It has two bars, too. And now we will even be able to buy you a beer.

    Quilly: Yes, I am not nearly as violent as I seem. I am trying to talk my husband out of suing her.

    Cindra: Thanks, Cindra. I actually felt like I could breath again.

    Grunty: I didn’t get my first house until I was 40. And it was very small for three adults. But it was a place to start, which is all you need. Snoopy looks very happy, doesn’t he?

    Dabich: Well, we did several things. A lot of it had to do with my husband. We change Realtors to a more aggressive one. But my husband knows everybody in the whole world and through his garage socializing, he actually found our buyer. And I burned 13 green candles for 13 days, one the first day, two the second day, etc. 13 is my favorite number, green is my favorite color and this helped me feel like I was doing something. I may be a slight control freak. On day 14, we had an official sales agreement. Plus, compared to the other houses in the area, ours was priced more reasonablly.

    Swampwitch: I’m sending some of my good luck mojo their way.

    Serra: Thanks, baby.

    CECCG: Thanks so much. Happy Happy All Hallow’s Eve to you.

  10. Woot, woot! This is Happy Halloween for sure! Go now and eat some candy. (All of the dancing will burn the calories, it's okay.)

  11. Yahoo for you! That is stress on top of stress and for seven months! Jeepers!

  12. congratulations on the sale. i am envious of owning a house again, but i'm happy for you. yey.

  13. Yay! Glad you found Dr. Wigglebutt to help you celebrate!

  14. Congrats Nessa. Very good news...see everything eventually works out, right?

  15. I remember the relief when we sold our house (and made a slight profit too). Every where I go today, wifey has beaten me too it.

  16. Congratulations hun!

    I wish I have one house too. -sigh-

  17. HCG: I like the way you think.

    Kat: Yes, we’ve finally got a couple good nights sleep.

    Guggs: Thanks. I felt bad for complaining about our situation, but we were not meant to be land barons. We’re just simple folk.

    PTB: Yes, doesn’t he look so happy.

    Jenn: Glad to hear from you. Yes, you are right. Dare I say you should take your own advice sometimes?

    Bazza: It’s hard to stay ahead of a good woman; D

    Jay: You will, I know it. I didn’t get my first house until I was 40. See, there’s still plenty of time.

  18. Congratulations... I feel your pain and subsequent elation.


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