Friday, August 11, 2006

A Pig, A Monkey, A Dress


  1. No, no -- the pig is in a skirt. She appears to be topless and wearing a neck ruffle as well. But what can one expect of a pig, really?

  2. I am just glad the pig is not wearing pearls.

    word verification agrees: oynxks

  3. Fury and Quilly (and alterego): Yes, the pig's clothing is questionable. Maybe she's just a dirty piggy.

  4. Wha...w-where am I? Holy crap! It came true!!!

    Thanks Goldie.

  5. That's me, my best friend and a dress.

    Thanks Nessa.

  6. Hey, I once went shopping for a Christmas to-do with a coworker. While I was in the changing stall trying to roll my fat into a size 24, I hear her down the hall saying to the clerk, "This size 2 doesn't fit. Do you have anything smaller?"

    To this day I don't know how she got home .....


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