Saturday, August 12, 2006

Notions of Sarcasm

Justin Kahn authors a blog that contains many notions of sarcasm. This chap cops many proclamations on account of his wit and his adoption of artificial humans, such as his old lady and his old man. Macho man hangs out in an accommodation high atop a building, baby sits his womanly sibling’s cats and has humungous artistic skills. Justin is also paramount in his usability of Anglican born lingo and his amazing ability to form words. His olifant companion, Sparky, poops allot. If you don’t cotton to his posts, shroud your BBQ grill. Sir thought up a java straining and cooking apparatus, making him justifiably proud. His Kahnship is now having a concours finishing tonight and I want to win a non-trophy.


  1. Justin put a 17 word limit on the entries ....

  2. Even so, I think he will enjoy this one.

  3. It was good -- why else would I grose about it? I am your oponent.

  4. Quilly: Oops;0 It wouldn't have mattered. It was late and I got carried away.

    Jenn: Is he still alive?

    Quilly: Thanks. Those non-prizes sure are enticing.

  5. Quilly: Because this is soooooo important, I re-read the submission rules. Only the essay category, number one on Justin's list, had a word limit, of 16 words. None of the other categories had word limits. So, I'm back in the running.

  6. Nessa: I think he is, laughing at us from the fastness of his Penthouse, plotting world domination through the act of blogging and the dissemination of irony.


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