Monday, June 26, 2006

55 Flash Fiction

Logophile does this every Friday. I don’t know if I did it right, but I’ve been wanting to give it a try. And of course, I am right on time, as usual, not.

I think the object is to write exactly 55 words of fiction on the suggested topics. Here are my attempts.

* * *
Crawling into my nasal cavities, I claw and scratch to alleviate the constant itch and irritation brought on by tiny airborne life forms put on this earth to make my life a living hell. I find myself perched on the edge of my tear ducts, inducing floods of moisture in an effort to find relief.

* * *
The feathers caressed the grains of parched sand from the alabaster bones nestled in the quiet resting place of millennia. The eternal peace of the ancients surrounded our find, speaking of the care and sanctity given to these hallowed remains. We removed the gold lace shroud over the knuckles and revealed age old teeth marks.

* * *
Tinkling music worked its way down the street calling out to the children in a pied piper’s song of enchantment. They lined up on the curb, chirping with excitement, jostling each other in their eagerness for cool, creamy joy. Giving pleasure on a hot summer day to neighborhood tikes brought a smile to Nathan’s face.


  1. I like the ice cream one. As kids, we always got so excited when the ice cream man (aka The Ding-Ding Man, in these parts) drove around.

    That makes me think that I'd better make sure my kids have had that experience.

    Good writing!

  2. DCMM: The ice cream man is a very important experience. We still scream for the ice cream man.

  3. Vanessa, those were lovely!
    Awesome job
    I am impressed.

  4. Yes, I loved the whole Pied Piper, the other two were lovely, but I didn't understand them...I think I'm too dumb or something...

  5. Nessa I couldnt comment on your other blog...what gives?

  6. I, too, cast my vote for the ice cream scene. It is number one -- you have packed many visuals and memories in to those few short lines.

    However, I also like the first one -- because of my allergies I have lived that scene.

    Well done!

  7. Good show, Goldennib. I enjoyed them very much. The first one is someting I know too well, unfortunately

  8. Logo: Thanks.

    Jenn: The second one is pretty obscure. The subject is archeology. The third one may be too regional. In the US we have people that drive around in little trucks during the summer selling ice cream. And I don't know why you can't comment. It's set up like this one. Maybe blogger is acting up?

    Quilldancer: Welcome and thanks.

    The Grunt: Thanks. Allergies are horrible.


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