Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Give Up

I give up. I must hang up the phone and go do some laundry or I will be going to work naked and that won't be a pretty sight. Once I've done some work and I feel virtuous again, then I will reward myself with more www time. Wish me luck. I'm such a wastrel.


  1. I turned on the dishwasher and did two loads of laundry. I am a domestic goddess.

  2. You inspired me to do the same. Although, I am drinking beer while I do my laundry.

  3. Domestic goddess? You sound like Bridget Jones. I love Bridget Jones.

    I have interviewed a few people and slept for the rest of the day.

    I am a sleeping beauty.

  4. Hah, I'm thinking maybe I SHOULD show up at work naked. Sad thing is, they'd probably just throw a towel over me and tell me to get to work!

    Thanks for your kind words at my site... : )

  5. Doing the laundry is easy. It's the whole hanging-wet-clothes-on-the-drying-rack bit I find so tedious.

  6. hey girl!
    quick hi to see how you're doing. latey, you've only been writing these short, one paragraph posts . what's up? very busy with work, laundry, life?

  7. jege: I should've had a glass of wine. Another opportunity missed.

    dear: Rip roarin' time.

    jenn: We are all archetypes. Did you go to work?

    dorkette: I'd be lucky if they took the time to toss me a towel.

    jay: The solution is we should all have Rosie (the Jetson's maid robot.)

    pink: I am recuperating from the last month of intense energy expense.

  8. Yeah, I went to work. It was interesting to say the least. And emotionally exhausting.

  9. Someday, on casual Friday, I'm going to show up for work naked. And when security comes to escort me away with my boss screaming, "What were you thinking??" in the background, I'll say, "Well, you said 'casual.' And around my house, this is casual."

  10. OK Andy and be sure to take some pictures and post it. I opt for 4!

  11. I'm with Jenn on this one Andy. We definitely need pictures. With audio.


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